Apps & Bots Programming Documentation

What are apps & bots?

Apps allow users to customize the chat room experience. You can alter messages, count tips, set timers, send messages to the room, and more. With this toolset, the number of fun games that can be created for chat rooms is limitless.

Bots are a special type of app that have less functions. Each room can run one app and many bots.

Who is qualified to write apps?

All apps are written in javascript that is executed server side. Anyone who is familiar with javascript will have no problem writing apps.

Can I modify an existing app?

Yes! Most apps are open source. Just copy and paste the source from an app, modify it, and create your own app with it. Just remember, it’s polite to give credit if you copy someone else’s app. Viewing source code from featured apps is a great way to learn how to build your own apps.

Help! I have a problem!

If you need help with your app code, please post your question in the thread on your app page. There, other people who use your app in testbed will be able to help you. If your question is about how to use a particular feature of the API, post the question in the respective thread on its documentation page. If you have a problem with the API itself or the backend infrastructure supporting it (for example, testbed being down), you can request help at apps[at]


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